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"Restaurant Rescue©" is U.S. Copyrighted
Limited Time Offer $19.95
Restaurant Rescue’s approach to Restaurant cost control is flexible, comprehensive and universal. Though primarily designed for independent restaurants, Restaurant Rescue can also be used in the full variety of food service specialties:

•Bars                                                                          •Casinos
                            •Chain Restaurants                                                      •Coffee Shops
                            •Fast Food / Quick Serve Restaurants                          •Full Service / Fine Food Restaurants
                            •Hospitals                                                                   •Night Clubs  

Since 2012, we've shipped hundreds of copies of Restaurant Rescue© to help run all types of food businesses. If you have a Restaurant or thinking about starting one, you can benefit from Restaurant Rescue© software.

How Do You Reduce your Costs with Restaurant Rescue©?

When you use Restaurant Rescue©, expect to reduce your food cost by 5% to 10% of sales (i.e. from 35% to 30%). In practice, Restaurant Rescue has reduced food and liquor costs as much as 15% It will reduce your labor costs, increase profits and help save businesses from going broke.
Actual food cost and ideal food cost should be the same. Knowing that they are is everything. You can’t solve a problem unless you know that there is a problem. Restaurant Rescue© will show you the size of the problem and which costs are too high.
With Restaurant Rescue, you can sharpen your management skills to perfection and do everything regularly that you've never had time to do before. You can make cost management a weekly habit and not a last-ditch emergency response.

Limited Time Offer  $19.95 is a "no-brainer, buy-it-now" price. (Normally this software retails at $59.95).  
If you use it as intended, you'll save a lot of money. If you don't get around to it right away, it's no big deal -- it will simply be there when you're ready. But this is an incredible bargain that you might not see again, so take advantage of it now.

How Do You Find Out More?
Please click on the button below, which is a small sample of the program.
This sample was sent to me by a customer of mine, who purchased and used the program.

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Restaurant Rescue© is our comprehensive restaurant cost control software. Written by a food service professional for food service professionals who want to:

•Improve their profit margins
•Help for under-performing or struggling Restaurants
•Buying an existing Restaurant
•Restaurant start-ups
•Determine their break-even point

Restaurant Rescue© is downloadable for immediate and free delivery.
You can start using it today!

Use Restaurant Rescue© software to:

•Reduce food and beverage costs
•Detect theft, over portioning and creeping vendor prices
•Reduce Labor Costs

•Determine profit margins with “what if” sales analyses
•Finding your break-even point
•Much more . . .