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Carolina Restaurant Consultants

The restaurant business is all about small savings on many overheads. We are talking about 1% to 3% savings. You are thinking "that's not a lot of money". Believe me, that is a serious amount of money.  Your three largest overheads are Food Costs, Labor Costs and Rent.
Monthly overheads before using program
Monthly overheads after using the program
By using the program and the recommended settings enclosed in the sample sheet (which is part of the program) the above restaurant saved $6084 per month and that's just the three main overheads above. After working on the rest of his restaurant's monthly costs, he  saved another $1000 per month., giving a total savings of $7000 per month.

That's $84,000 a year more profit.

As you can see from the figures to the right of the overheads, he was able to reduce the food & bevarage cost by 2%, Payroll 3% and just over 1% on the rent. These percentages are easily achievable (even the Mortgage/Lease/Rent) How to reduce your overheads is in the instruction and help manual that comes with the program.

The example below, is from one of my customers who purchased the program.
His restaurant sales were approx. $1,000,000 per year and his net profit was $100,00 per year. After using my program he was able to increase his profits by an extra $84,000 per year. That's an 84% increase in profits.

The images below are small samples of the program. All the formulas (200) are already built into the program, all you have to do is put in the actual costs from your check stubs from last month, and the program does the rest.
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